M&H Single Malt Whisky QS01 Bee In My Bonnet


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The first of its kind as a single barrel pick in CT hails from M&H Distillery in Tel Aviv, Israel. This single malt is peated and aged in an ex-bourbon cask for a little under 4 years. The terroir in Tel Aviv magically transforms this chronologically young whisky into one that tastes like one that has spent several years in a cask. The peat is not phenolic but rather, it’s an even gentle smoke that adds to the complexity of toasted cereal notes, sweet vanilla and honey on the palate. It also happens to be certified Kosher. I named it “Bee in my Bonnet” because I think that everyone should be talking about this truly amazing single malt that is a gateway whisky for bourbon drinkers venturing into the Single Malt category.


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