Good things happen in threes…

…at the American Distilling Institute’s Spirits competition, Silver shined on all three of my entries.…

WHISKY MENTORS is a consulting company started by Irene Tan in the spring of 2018 after she graduated from the Whiskey Marketing School as a Level 1 Whiskey Sommelier. It was evident that the whiskey world was on the brink of explosive growth, and it was a timely entry into the industry. Irene is now a Level 4 Whiskey Sommelier and her industry related qualifications include WSET 2 Wine and Spirits Certification passed with Distinction, Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS), Certified Sherry Wine Specialist, Executive Bourbon Steward, Certified Whisky Ambassador, Diploma in Single Malt Whisky and Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky from the Edinburgh Whisky Academy In the summer of 2022, she completed a week-long whisky course at Springbank Whisky School in Campbeltown, Scotland. She has created a whiskey line called Kings Code for Kings County Distillery which launched in the fall of 2023..In her role as the Spirit Hunter for the Crowded Barrel Whiskey Company, she’s the chief blender and hunts for single barrels for the Alliance Series.

Whisky Mentors is well-respected in the industry and highly sought after by brands and distilleries to carry their products. While it’s not just about the knowledge Irene has about the whiskies she carries, or how she picks winning single barrels, it’s about the passion that exudes from her veins when you meet her to talk about whiskies. She listens to her customers and helps them find that special bottle to share with family and friends. Her innate and acute sense of smell and taste paired with an uncanny ability to create blends in her head that she knows are going to work, puts her in a unique position to help create whiskies and other spirits that consumers will seek.

Whisky Mentors created a bespoke blend of 15 year cask strength Rye at Whistle Pig for Canterbury Liquors.

Whisky Mentors’ consulting services are offered to both consumers and producers.

Whisky Mentors also offers private in-house tasting events as well as offsite events.

Whisky Mentors offers consulting services to craft distilleries to help them understand what the market trends are. Whisky Mentors will also help create new product lines by occasionally sourcing domestically and internationally to make unique and delicious blends to help with brand recognition and to help distilleries stay competitive.

Whisky Mentors has embarked on making barrel-aged gins with a couple of distilleries. Each release will be sold exclusively at the distillery and at Canterbury Liquors.