Devils River QS02 Caramel Fudge

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This second barrel of Devils River I aquired was a no brainer to name because of the prominent nose of caramel and chocolate fudge. Just like its predecessor, the palate is spot on with the nose with the caramel sweetness and some maple syrup, it has a place in a boozy waffle or pancake brunch but at 123PF you might not get much accomplished the rest of the day.

1 review for Devils River QS02 Caramel Fudge

  1. Mark Smith

    Excellent… Bought a couple bottles while in CT (from Indiana) and shared with friends at my bourbon tasting. I put it out with several others; my guests discovered it and gathered around the bottle they just cracked. That was it… it’s all they wanted and there was a very little left in the bottle by the end of the party. I almost don’t want to let everyone know how good it is because I know there’s only 222 each of this barrel.

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